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Interview with Toni Pajak

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Toni Pajak identifies as a transsexual woman assigned male at birth. She was born in 1968. She grew up in North Minneapolis, Minnesota and went to grade school in the early 1970s. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she went to live with her dad. Her dad was tough since he yelled a lot and was a couch and former Marine. She has one younger brother, a son, and a daughter. She was a coach for baseball, football, and girls’ softball. She always fantasized about being female. She joined the Marines because she thought the Marine Corps would help her become a man. She now works for the State of Minnesota as an IT professional assigned to the Department of Public Safety. Ideally, she is a heterosexual female who dates men, but she could probably be intimate with anybody. Pajak came out to herself in 2014 and recently started hormones at the time of the interview. She is also getting laser hair removal done, and she plans to get gender confirmation surgery if she can afford it. The transcript includes an addendum written 2 years after the interview reflecting on what has changed since she recorded the video.

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