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Latest Tweets

Paris, France: April Ashley, Coccinelle, Bambi, and other performers at Le Carrousel, a landmark in the city’s social scene. To learn more, check out the April Ashley and Transas City Photographs collections on the DTA’s website, courtesy of Transas City: https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/gq67jr38r
Canada: Jackie Shane, soul music legacy. Jackie grew up in the Southern US and moved to Canada in 1959. She is considered a trans pioneer, especially within the Canadian soul music scene. Learn more about Jackie on the DTA, courtesy of JD Doyle Archives: https://linktr.ee/digitaltransarc
Cape Town, South Africa: Kewpie played an integral part in the queer and trans community that drastically changed the fabric and culture of District Six. Check out @GALAarchives's exhibition Kewpie: Daughter of District Six on the DTA to learn more: https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/dj52w481t