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Interview with Danika Ragnhild

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Danika Ragnhild is a trans woman and trans feminine person originally from Crookston, MN. In this oral history, she shares her experiences with being harassed around gender and disability as a child; physical abuse; the process of changing and choosing her name and how it helps actualize her identity; renewal; polyamorous relationships; dating; and partnerships. She discusses the challenges of being trans/gender nonconforming and how this intersects with disability. Ragnhild is a volunteer among many Twin Cities organizations including the Transgender Youth Support Network, the Exchange, and RECLAIM, while also being involved in many theatre companies in the area. She shares her thoughts on the relationship between transgender and gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities as well as her hopes for the trans community in the future. Ragnhild ends her interview by discussing the importance of viewing trans identity as a journey and meeting ourselves where we are at in the present.

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