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  1. Assassinato de Ángela Diniz

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Date: Nov. 1979
    Topics: Anti-transgender violence, MtFs, Murders of LGBTQ people, Sentencing, Transgender prostitutes, Transphobia
  2. Fanfare Magazine No. 23 (July 1986)

    Collection: Fanfare
    Institution: Gay & Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA)
    Creator: The Phoenix Society
    Date: Jul. 1986
    Topics: Crossdressing, Discrimination, Gender realignment surgery, Labour, Marriage law, Passing (gender), Police entrapment, Police officers, Relationships (LGBTQ), Sentencing, Weddings
    Subject: Bonnie Davenport, Jennifer McCormick, Mary Collins
  3. I Forgive Rosie for Sex-Swop Love Affair

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Date: Oct. 11, 1981
    Topics: Gender role, Lesbians, Media, Poisoning, Sentencing, Separation, Sexuality, Trials
    Subject: Colin Swale, Rosie Swale, Tracey Stamp
    Description: Clipping originally collected by Richard Ekins (from The University of Ulster Trans-Gender Archives/Richard Ekins collection at the Transgender Archives, University of Victoria)
  4. Proceso de fe de Elena de Céspedes

    Collection: Court Documents
    Institution: Archivo Histórico Nacional, Archivos Estatales España
    Creator: Tribunal de la Inquisición de Toledo
    Date: 1587 to 1589
    Topics: Alternative punishments, Courts, Crossdressing, Depositions, Gender expression, Law reports, digests, etc., Sentencing, Soldiers, Surgeons
    Subject: Elena de Céspedes, Eleno de Céspedes, Maria del Caño
    Description: Process of faith of Elena de Céspedes, alias Eleno de Céspedes, a native of Alama and resident in Ocaña (Toledo), slave and then free, trade weaver, tailor, hosier, soldier and surgeon, for dressin...
  5. Six Years for Harry Mortimer: The Nimble-Fingered Female Impersonator Must Go to Prison

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)
    Institution: Transas City
    Creator: The Inter Ocean
    Date: Oct. 19, 1895
    Topics: Appearance, Arrests, Body adornments, Courts, Female impersonators, Police, Sentencing
    Subject: Harry Mortimer
  6. Transpeople Are NOT Disposable People! Flyer

    Collection: Riki Anne Wilchins' Flyers
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Creator: The Transexual Menace
    Date: 1995
    Topics: Anti-transgender violence, Hate crimes, Sentencing, Transphobia
    Subject: Deborah Forte