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Erica Rand Oral History

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Erica lived in Chicago for many years, but relocated to Maine because of her teaching position at Bates College. She is a Professor of Art and Visual Culture and of Gender and Sexuality Studies, and is acting interim chair of the Gender and Sexuality Studies department. She discussed her coming out process as well as her experiences as a budding activist in ACT UP and a branch of ACT UP, called The Pissed Off Dyke Cell. Erica talked significantly about her previous relationships and how those connections shaped her activism as well as how her activism shaped her relationships. She spent the second half of the interview discussing her interests and passions for activism in this time of her life, her teaching and her ice skating. Erica also focused on her involvement, both personally and professionally with discovering and expressing sexual desire through her own journey with partners and her work with Salacious which is a queer feminist anti-racist sex magazine that began in 2013.

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