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Interview with Jane Fee

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Jane Fee is a retired veteran and advocate who lives in St. Petersburg, FL. In this oral history, she touches on many things including her 29 years in the service, part of which took place in WWII; her childhood; her identity; coming out in 1989; her advocacy work; and her political work. When first coming out, Fee appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael show and helped create the segment, “Grandpa Wears Skirts.” Recounting her political experience, she discusses her involvement with the “It’s Time Minnesota” and “It’s Time America” campaigns that helped provide equal services and benefits to LGBT individuals. Fee is also involved with the International Foundation for Gender Education, City of Lakes Crossgender Community, and the Board of Directors of the DFL Gay and Lesbian Caucus and discusses her time with these organizations. Fee lived for nearly 40 years in the state of Minnesota and was the first open transgender delegate in a national political convention in 2000. She discusses transitioning; her relationship with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren; her idols and people she had worked with including Christine Jorgensen, Virginia Prince, Phyllis Frye, and Yvonne Cook; her hopes for the transgender community and the future, and her thoughts on resistance.

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