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Interview with Micky Bradford

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Micky Bradford identifies as a black non-binary trans feminine person and was assigned male at birth. They use she/her and they/them pronouns and were 26 at the time of the interview. Both of her parents are from Albany, Georgia and are still together. She’s lived on military bases almost her entire life. They were born in Nuremberg, Germany on a military base since their dad was in the army. Bradford then moved to a military base in South Korea; Fayetteville, North Carolina; and Fort Knox, Kentucky. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Bradford remembers always being singled out for being more feminine by other kids who would comment on their femininity to their parents. Her parents are pretty good at trying to work to understand her gender transition, going to her drag shows and using she/her pronouns for her, but they also thought having a conversation with family about her gender at Thanksgiving would be a downer. Bradford first came out as bisexual, then gay, queer, non-binary, a woman, and then a queer trans woman. Bradford went to Georgia State University in Atlanta for college where she started organizing. They are the cofounder and organizer of Southern Fried Queer Pride Festival. She’s also a performance artist and values artistic expression. Bradford has struggled with anxiety, depression, and isolation, making it difficult for them to believe in their voice and power. She is on hormones, and she’s weighing her options around surgery. Bradford has worked for the Transgender Law Center for almost three years in partnership with Southerners on New Ground. She started therapy this past year.

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