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Interview with finn schneider

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finn schneider identifies as a white transgender queer, non-binary, and trans masculine. They were 32 at the time of the interview. They were assigned female at birth. They are of German heritage and grew up in Menomonie, Michigan in a middle-class and religious, Catholic family. Their parents are both school teachers and divorced when schneider was 3. They have a sister, a half-sister, and two step-sisters. schneider grew up exhibiting cross-gender behavior, but they never felt like there was anything wrong with their body as a child. They came out in college during their senior year as a lesbian woman first to a Catholic nun who was a wonderful college instructor at St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota. They came out as genderqueer during their master’s program. Since starting hormones and having top surgery, they have become more interested in expressing femininity. They have considered possibly going off testosterone since they may at some point feel it’s not necessary anymore. schneider is now often assumed to be a straight cis guy. They are a university instructor. They’ve dealt with misgendering, microaggressions, and medical practitioners saying awful things about them being trans. schneider’s family reacted pretty well when they came out. Their family responded with, “We love you and who you are is who you are.” One big fear of theirs is being unlovable for being trans. After they stopped identifying as a woman, their relationship during the time ended because of it. They worried about their current partner leaving them when they were deciding to go on testosterone. The two of them are still together, however, and their relationship is strong.

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