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Interview with Kylar Broadus

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Kylar Broadus is a shares his story at the 2016 Creating Change Conference in Chicago, IL. Broadus is a Black man from Fayette, Missouri, who says his journey was not like the journey of other men to this position. Broadus is an attorney and an activist who has invested much of his time in working towards helping create better opportunities and futures for trans people, people of color, and and trans people of color. In this oral history, Broadus discusses things such as his early realizations of his gender from a young age; finding his father as an ally when he was a child; his spirituality; employment discrimination; life as a Black man; the disrespect of leaders in movements for people of color and trans people; trans experiences and racism; his experience with transitioning; being a parent; dating while trans; and things such as power, privilege, and liberation. Broadus discusses the difficulties of not having many Black trans role models to look up to and the issue with only telling stories of white trans women. He shares his thoughts on the relationship between the L, the G, and the B, and how many other Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual movements do not take into account the needs of trans people or do not want to put more trans leaders in charge. Broadus was the first transgender person to testify in front of the U.S. Senate and shares that experience as well was being able to be happy with himself upon transitioning. He mentions his hopes and thoughts on the future for the trans community and hopes to see younger generations get more respect, and current generations helping make support and life changes for the younger trans communities, so they can be themselves at a younger age.

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