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Interview with Nemo Siqueiros

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Nemo Siqueiros identifies as a demisexual trans man assigned female at birth and uses he/him and they/them pronouns. They were born in Iowa City, Iowa and raised in Muscatine, Iowa and North Liberty, Iowa. He has a younger half-sister who he helped take care of as a kid. In college at MSUM, Minnesota State University Moorhead in Minneapolis, Nemo learned about his indigenous Mexican identity and how colonialism has stripped away the indigenous concepts concerning third and non-binary genders that were revered and respected. They also talk about teaching “white people about the effects of white supremacy and how in this system we’re not meant to be friends or family. We’re not meant to be interacting with each other and that’s why white people are so isolated.” Nemo was a volunteer at the Rainbow Dragon Center, an LGBTQ Center at MSUM, as well. They identified more strongly with male figures in anime as a kid, and as they grew up they began to not care what they were dressed in, whether boy’s or girl’s clothing. In high school he became aware of his sexual identity, coming out as bisexual, and then in college he came out as trans. Even though it took a while for his mom to stop using his birth name and to use his new name, she was instantly supportive, helping him socially transition. He’s also autistic and has been harassed and bullied for it. While living in North Liberty as a 7 or 8-year-old, some kids beat and stripped Nemo. As a result, their mom is protective of them. They believe their autism made it easier to acknowledge that there isn’t a gender binary since autistic people generally “don’t care about what other people think” and so it’s easier for them to “see the truth a lot quicker.”

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