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  1. Adão Acosta

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Date: Oct. 1979
    Topics: Drag, Drag queens, Gender expression, LGBTI community
    Subject: Adäo Acosta
  2. Appendix E: Unisexuality: The Wave of the Future

    Collection: International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy: Annual Proceedings and Newsletters
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Creator: Rothblatt, Martine Aliana
    Date: Aug. 1994
    Topics: DSM, Gender diversity, Gender dysphoria, Gender expression, Gender identity, Human rights, Sexual identity, Transgender community
  3. Do Paulistinha ao Gala-Gay

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Creator: Penteado, Darcy
    Date: Apr. 1981
    Topics: Bars, Drag, Drag queens, Gender expression, Plastic surgery
    Subject: Carnaval, Rógeria
  4. Expressions: The EON Newsletter (August, 1991)

    Collection: Upstate New York Newsletters
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Expressing Our Nature, Dolge, Charliss
    Date: Aug. 1991
    Topics: Acceptance, Appearance, Coming out, Cosmetics, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Events, Femininity, Gatherings, Gender expression, Gender role, Law, Passing (gender), Passing (sexuality), Police officers, Transgender community, Transgender people
  5. In the Life: Ep. 602, "The State of AIDS"

    Collection: Audio and Video Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: UCLA Film and Television Archive
    Creator: Scagliotti, John
    Date: Dec. 1, 1996
    Topics: Anti-transgender violence, Children of transgender people, Documentary television programs, Gender expression, Gender identity, Partners of transgender people, Transgender identity, Transgender movement, Transgender people, Transphobia, Transsexual people
    Subject: Brandon Teena, Dana Turner, Kate Bornstein, Leslie Feinberg, Martine Rothblatt, Riki Anne Wilchins, Stonewall, Transsexual Menace
    Description: Segment on the transgender community: 34:43-42:35
  6. Jogador de futebol é a 'madrinha' do time

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Date: Aug. 1979
    Topics: Discrimination in sports, Gender expression, Homophobia, Soccer, Soccer players, Transphobia
    Subject: Pompílio Garcia
  7. Proceso de fe de Elena de Céspedes

    Collection: Court Documents
    Institution: Archivo Histórico Nacional, Archivos Estatales España
    Creator: Tribunal de la Inquisición de Toledo
    Date: 1587 to 1589
    Topics: Alternative punishments, Courts, Crossdressing, Depositions, Gender expression, Law reports, digests, etc., Sentencing, Soldiers, Surgeons
    Subject: Elena de Céspedes, Eleno de Céspedes, Maria del Caño
    Description: Process of faith of Elena de Céspedes, alias Eleno de Céspedes, a native of Alama and resident in Ocaña (Toledo), slave and then free, trade weaver, tailor, hosier, soldier and surgeon, for dressin...
  8. Síndico quer Verushka usando gravata e paletó

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Creator: Silva, Aguinaldo
    Date: Mar. 1979
    Topics: Class actions (Civil procedure), Clothing, Gender expression, Gender role, Hairdressers, Municipal by-laws, Transgender rights
    Subject: Verushka
  9. The ArQuives Trans Collections Guide

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: The ArQuives
    Date: 2020
    Topics: Activism (LGBTQ), Crossdressing, Drag, Gender expression, Health care for LGBTQ people, LGBTQ magazines, Motion pictures, Oral history, Periodicals, Photographs, Transgender newsletters, Transgender people, Two-spirit people
    Subject: Adam's Word, Chrysalis Quarterly, Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario, Cross-Talk, Erickson Educational Foundation, Gender Review, gendertrash, Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, International Congress on Sexology, Louis G. Sullivan, Metamorphosis Magazine, Mirha-Soleil Ross, Renaissance News, Rupert Raj, The Transsexual Voice, Xpressions
    Description: A research guide for exploring trans histories at the ArQuives: Canada's LGBTQ2+ Archives. This guide covers The ArQuives' collections up until January 2020.
  10. Viva a pintosa!

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Date: Jul. 1980
    Topics: Acceptance, Gender expression, Gender role, LGBTI community, Socialism, Transgender community
  11. Vivencial Diversiones apresenta: frangos falando para o mundo

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Creator: Trevisan, João Silverio
    Date: Nov. 1979
    Topics: Drag, Gender expression, Poverty, Social classes
  12. Your SOFFA Voice Vol. IV, Issue 3 (August, 2001)

    Collection: Your SOFFA Voice
    Institution: Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive
    Creator: Burchell, Jodi
    Date: Aug. 1, 2001
    Topics: Acceptance, Feminism, FtMs, Gender expression, Gender identity, Gender role, Hormone therapy, Interviews, Liberation movements, Partners of transgender people, Passing (gender), Passing (sexuality), Poetry (LGBTQ), Sexual identity, Support groups, Transgender community, Transitioning (Transgender)
    Subject: F2M Transgender Conference, Minnie Bruce Pratt, S/he, Stonewall Rebellion, The Whole Women's Sex Book, True Spirit Conference